How Microculture Inc. Is Different

-Our personalized service.

You have the cell phone number of the microbiologist that is working on your tests and you can call or text with any questions.

-Our method of collecting and processing your patient specimens. 

The main limitations on microbiological testing today relate to specimen quality.  It’s ideal to have the specimen inoculated or placed  on the testing media (plates, etc.) as soon as possible after collection.  This is particularly true with fastidious organisms such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae,  Haemophilus influenza, and Bordetella pertussis.

We provide our clients with a small incubator, supplies and training. Staff can set up cultures during the day as specimens are collected. Nurses and staff find it easier and less time-consuming to streak a plate and place it in the incubator rather than packaging up a specimen for transport with all the paperwork, etc.

Your specimens are not held for hours in a lock-box in hot or cold weather.  The plates are either read in the office by your microbiologist or picked up by your courier and read in our lab.

You receive a preliminary or final (for positive group A Strep) the next morning, and a final the second morning.  Our turn around times are the fastest in the industry.

-Locally Based. Microculture, Inc. is a medical microbiology lab in Utah.